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Why Protection Pro?

When your phone screen gets cracked It will be necessary to replace the screen because Eventually, a cracked screen can become a broken screen and that could cause irreparable damage to the motherboard, making your device useless. Repairing or replacing a cracked or broken touch screen can be expensive and can leave you without a phone for hours or even days. 

The best insurance against going through the expense and hassle of replacing a cracked screen is to protect it against cracks with a screen protector. While screen protectors do not 100% guarantee that a screen will not crack, it does make it a lot less likely to crack or at least it will help minimize the damage should your device be dropped.

Tempered glass screen protectors have been the mainstay of protection for many years.  They do help take the impact of a drop and lessen the impact on the screen itself. One of the drawbacks of tempered glass screen protectors is the fact that they are glass and can and will crack and break. 

Protection Pro uses a 2 mm poly film that has as glass look and feel that allows for total touch sensitivity on your screen. This high-tech film is also self-healing so small scuffs and scratches will disappear on their own. Unlike tempered glass screen protectors, protection Pro is flexible and will not crack or break.  A Protection Pro screen protector may be the last screen protector that you will ever need to buy for your device.

Avalon PASS Electronics has Protection Pro screen protection for most every device from watches to laptop screens. Protection pro screen protectors are custom cut on demand and installed in minutes by our trained staff. Our screen protector machine and program can cut a protector for virtually every make and model of device.  Protect your watch, phone, tablet, laptop screen or other electronic devices with a screen. 

Protection Pro can also be applied to the back to protect that glass too.  There are many color and texture choices for back screen protection so you can redesign the look of your phone with a protection Pro back glass protector.  Custom printed back glass protectors using your own photo, logo or other image are also available.

Protection Pro screen protectors come with a limited warranty that covers replacement of the screen protector for 1 year after purchase. Bring your phone in to PASS Electronics and Protect your phone watch or tablet today.

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